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ATHENA 08/09

Machine Polyvalente

Double fonction : Ejection latérale ou ramassage arrière.


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The firm

Created in 1930, Kiva is from Jura, the firm has forged its reputation on people and products qualities. The experience got for years has enabled KIVA to develop and launch, on the market, a well-known range of brushcutters said to be the best in their category.
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A strong development for 5 years.

In, 2003 the company has been bought out by PUBERT Group, which has helped its development.

In 2004, Kiva has started to produce machines for well-known brand such as HUSQVARNA, SABRE, STAUB

In, 2005, a totally new range has been lauched, the scarifiers one.

In 6 years, the production has been multiply by 3.

A seventy-year story

Automotive motor mower for haversting animal feed and cereals.

Motofaucheuse années 1930
In the 30's, the founder Désiré Daloz and his son Henri, launch their first 3 wheeled motor mower. In the 50's, the production of KIVA 's machines has known a strong development. The customers had to wait during 2 years to be deliverd their order.

Gradually, the compagny creates new versions particularly for the 3 gears models. Technical improvments were regularly brought. Thus, the "Chaise lyre B" engine replaced the once called «tuyau de poêle ». It has been equipped with taller wheels of 75 cm in diameter. The « drawbar » connecting the rear end to the front wheel has been shortcut for a more compact machine.

The KIVA's machine has widely exeeded Jura because more than one third have been sold out from the county. The main buyers were in France in Doubs, Saône et Loire, Vosges, Massif Central, Pyrénées, Gard, Camargue, Finistère, but also Congo, Algéria and even Vietnam ...

1970, a new step : the design of pedestrian equipment.

In the 70's, the company abandon the machines for farms, to dedicate itself to the production of smaller machines : small pedestrian motor mower. This is the birth of the MINIKIVA fitted with cutting bar.
1980 : launch of a wide range of wheeled-brushcutters.

They are called Diane, Roto 50, Roto 60, Roto 65, Roto 75, Roto 90. They are characterized by their productivity, their high robustness, their versatility. They pave the way to the future burshcutters with blades and will progressively replace the machines with cutting bars.

1996 : launch of the actual range Ariane, Orion, Apollo.

This new range targets more users : amateur gardener and professsionals of landscape upkeep.

Ariane, Orion, Apollo
2005 : lauch of a scarifier range

Titan 40 et Titan 50

The titan 40 and Titan 50 are machines for privates and professionals.
2008 : Launch of a rotor mower : Rotomax

It brings using comfort and less upkeep than a motor mower with cutting bar. It enables to conquer East Europeean markets and more particularly Russia.

2010 : launch of a shredder : Destroï

This new machine is characterized by a good grinding quality, the possibility to fill directly a trailer or a barrow withtout handling.

From now, KIVA offers a wide range of machines to the gardening products dealers.