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ATHENA 08/09

Machine Polyvalente

Double fonction : Ejection latérale ou ramassage arrière.


machine-gauche 01



Customer service

  • I own a KIVA machine and was told that some spare parts do not exist any more
  • I just purchased a KIVA machine but the user manual was not included, where can I find it ?


  • Can I use 95 octane 10% Ethanol Fuel ? (SP 95 E10)
  • Can I use E 85 Bio Ethanol Fuel ?
  • Which fuel should I use ?


  • What is the difference between an OHC and OHV ?
  • What steps should I take before starting the machine ?


  • Why are prices not shown on the KIVA website ?
  • How do I find the price of KIVA products ?
  • Do you sell spare parts ?
  • Is it possible to purchase directly from the manufacturer ?
  • Where are KIVA brushcutters and scarifiers manufactured ?